They start withdrawing their funds to protect themselves and this starts a run on the bank

We also know that others like Mike Lindell of My Pillow fame, an avid Trump supporter and fair election truther has been de-banked for his political views. Smith and Wesson arms manufacturer was de-banked for political reasons a couple years ago and the list just goes on and on.

They close up to online payday loans with no credit check North Carolina stop the run because they don’t have the cash to meet the demand

If you support freedom, the constitution, the God-given rights of humanity, you’re in danger of being debanked and it might only be a matter of time. Where would that leave you? You’d better be thinking about it.

Even if you’re not directly targeted, there are ripple effects for all bank customers as you’ll see in the 3 minute video link below

So as news of this gets out, people start losing faith in the banks and what do they do? So what does the bank do in response?

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This is what MMG Capital is all about and why it was created in the first place. Just for the record.

“Civil asset forfeiture was originally intended as a way to cripple organized crime. So what is your plan when the government becomes the criminal enterprise? When the rights of the innocent can be so easily violated, no one’s rights are safe…. ”

Not the party of JFK. The party of KKK. Don’t ask for your constitutional rights because you are too dumb to vote, too dumb to decide what your children should be taught, and too dumb to make your own medical decisions.

Hi Greg, news flash, poverty among blacks is 3 times higher than it is among whites. That kind of mirrors the abortion rate per capita between blacks and whites. If we reduce poverty, not with giveaways but with better wages and a higher minimum wage, then people might actually be able to afford to have a child rather than an abortion. I would suggest that the standard of living in America is the biggest cause of abortion. For as long as having an abortion makes more economic sense than having a child then rates are not likely to change. Everything has a root cause and no one wants to address this one.

The root problem no body wants to address is people need to keep their pants on . Unless they are married per the bible .

Wayne, I totally agree with you. Personal accountability does not require money. I know so many young women who have multiple children by different men and have also had multiple abortions as well. The men-boys take no responsibility for the kids and just keep producing more. I see it in all races and until we do it God’s way, we will continue in this mess.

If one wants to raise a family, one must recognize the need to obtain or develop valuable work skills and to exhibit a responsible and dependable character.

The idea that minimum-wage jobs should provide sufficient income to raise a family is now, always has been, and always will be an absurd notion.

Will be interesting what happens with Ukraine vis a vis Durham report. Hilary is too big a fish to go down, she won’t go down alone, either, as she will throw many others under the bus while she’s falling. The witch had really has been embarrassing herself lately, did I see she’s working on a podcast? ?? please. Lol, these people need to stay out of the public eye.